5 trendy styles of decorating a drawing-room in 2022

We all know that the first impression is the last impression. It simply means the drawing-room is the first thing someone sees when they enter your house. The drawing room describes your taste in living. Apart from hosting your guests, it also serves as a common area for your family to sit and talk.

Drawing rooms are usually designed in a way that they are separate from the other rooms. It is because they have decoration pieces, wall hangings, and paintings. So the guest has a soulful visit when they come to you. 

If you have decided to start renovating or redecorating your drawing-room then we have come up with some catchy ideas.

There you go!

Choosing a quality color

Color changes the complete picture of your drawing room. Although this room is kind of formal, adding good shades to it leaves a soothing impact on the visitors. 

If you have a small one then light colors such as white or cream are most eye-catching to you. If you like to give a classy style to your room add some paintings or wall hanging lamps. 

Majlis sofa

Now the trend of traditional things has become a fashion. Majlis sofa comes from Arabic culture and is very likely to be seen today in modern drawing rooms. It is placed in all the corners of the room and leaves the middle portion empty. 

They are handicrafts with lively colors to make your room more appealing. There are many stylish majlis sofas Dubai to glorify your drawing-room.


There are many things you set in your mind while choosing a curtain. It protects your room from tiny particles which are easily entered through the air. For long-lasting purposes use lining curtains. 

Before hanging curtains do check the tone of windows and walls and select the design according to this. 


Lamps are designed for lighting the room, but it has dual features. In the drawing-room lamps are best for decorating the room. A solid wood light or a hanging lamp will creatively wind up your room. 

Both dark and light lights must be in your drawing-room. As they work manually during the day and at night.

Mirror piece

How easy is it for us to manage privacy and party at the same time? Yes, by putting blinders, wood walls, or glass doors you may divide one area from another. 

You may set a coffee chair and leave the rest area for the guest.

This artistically defines hidden creativity inside you.  


How to renovate a drawing-room?

  • Cozy sofas.
  • A bright lamp.
  • Accent tables
  • A perfect rug.

Wrapping up

The drawing-room represents the creativity of the homeowner. If you are likely to give a classier look to your room then home decor Dubai online might be your leading option.