Difference between Top Running and Under Running Overhead Crane?

Since there are many different cranes with diverse configurations, finding the suitable one for your construction needs is difficult. You get confused whether the underslung EOT crane can hold the weight of tones, or you should do with the top slung crane single girder because it is affordable and serves many purposes. Worry not, here you will know the difference between top running and underslung girder cranes and decide which crane will work the best for your construction project and enhance productivity without zero risk.

What Does Top Running Crane Do?

Top running overhead cranes comprise runway beams at each side connected with one rail structure at the top. Then there are two end trucks at each beam that are further extended by the bridge, and finally, there is a hoist to uphold and shift the weight. The top running cranes are made to bear unlimited loads. There is no maximum capacity defined for these cranes. From light loads such as 1 ton to heavy blocks such as 90 tones, these cranes can hoist for a short period to long ones.

Talking about the design, top runway cranes come in two configurations. One model has a single girder with a trolley hung under the bridge. Then the second configured model comes with a double bridge where a trolley is present at the top.

crane single girder

To hoist or transport, top running cranes need external support such as building’ back, or movable columns can also do the job of support. If the construction site has headroom constraints, top running cranes also have additional height lifting solutions with the help of a tracking system and beam. As a matter of size, top running cranes are longer than underslung cranes since they are built to provide large weight solutions and better work for longer hours. As there are no hanging parts, and rail is also designed on beams, this crane has an easy setup and requires minimal maintenance to be in a perfect and working state. However, the track needs extra care and an alignment check frequently to avoid any problems at work. 

What Does Under Running Crane Do?

An underslung overhead crane usually takes help from flexible wheels, which further need support from beams’ flange for bridge moving solutions. These underrunning cranes currently come with a single girder configuration. And the single bridge crane offers lifting and transport services only to lightweight applications. 

Using the underrunning cranes increases the location’s ground space and provides the best storage options since these are mostly operated from roof running bridges. In the case of taking support from the roof structure, the construction site will not only enjoy the wider width, but also height lifting options will be available. Free-standing underrunning cranes can also be created with the help of columns if the project site doesn’t have any building support. There will be a height difference between the hooks of the underslung EOT crane and the top running cranes.