Four Common Smartphone Screen Problems

Smartphones make your life infinitesimally easier. As such, it’s all the more frustrating when they run into problems. Screen issues are perhaps the most common type of smartphone malfunctions. If you’re facing screen problems, visit shops for smartphone repair in Dubai

Smartphone screens can get damaged in various ways. However, most of the time, the damage is overlooked until it becomes a serious problem. 

Here are four common smartphone screen problems you don’t want to ignore:

Don’t Overlook Brightness Issues

Firstly, brightness issues may indicate issues with the phone’s hardware. Sometimes, a screen appears dark even if it’s on the highest brightness setting. In such cases, you must first check your General Settings to ensure the brightness intensity levels are working properly. 

If yes, you must take your phone to a professional repair shop immediately. Pros will tell you whether the issue is related to your screen or other working components. 

Even if your phone is relatively functional, you should still consider visiting a repair shop. Uneven brightness levels can cause retinal damage. Moreover, if you don’t repair it, your smartphone may depreciate, making it non-functional after some time.

Be Wary of Frozen Screens 

If you’re a smartphone owner, you must’ve experienced at least one screen freeze. With smartphones, freezes are very common as they can be caused by anything.

If you download the wrong app, take up too much storage, or simply have an old phone, you’ll experience frozen screens. All smartphones have hardware, which depreciates with age. 

Once it depreciates to a certain point, the phone doesn’t work as well. As such, the smartphone screen freezes if you use it for too long. 

Take Care of Cracks and Other External Damage 

Most responsible smartphone users have screen protectors. On the whole, protectors do their job very well, but at times, they can break. As such, your screen may obtain cracks or other external damage.

If that’s the case, you may need to replace your screen. External damage can ruin the touchscreen sensors, causing further malfunctions. 

Check for Lines and Flickering 

Lastly, you may also observe multicolored lines and flickering with your smartphone screen. Multicolored lines, particularly on iPhone screens, indicate structural damage.

For example, your smartphone’s ribbon cables may be damaged or the LCD may be compromised. Such problems usually occur after a bad fall or water exposure. 

Flickering, on the other hand, isn’t necessarily due to structural damage. It’s usually caused by a bad software or app. 

However, flickering can hinder your phone’s functioning. If you’re experiencing constant flickering, you should visit a repair shop.


Simply put, smartphone screens are typically very durable, especially with the right screen protectors and covers. They’re not infallible, though, so you should always check for screen issues when using your phone. Tracking your phone’s condition helps you maintain your phone. In this way, you check whether you’re experiencing an issue and visit a repair shop immediately. iPhone screen repair in Dubai costs are pretty reasonable, and the repair helps you elongate the phone’s shelf life. 


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