How to Judge the Tyre Size for Your Car

Buying new tyres isn’t a straightforward process. You need to check the required tyre size for your car. Of course, you can always contact manufacturers like Continental Tyres in Ajman and directly buy new tyres.

However, that’s not always an option. In case you need to judge the tyre size yourself, don’t fret. It’s not difficult. It simply requires checking a few things.

Here’s what you should do:

Double Check Your Owner’s Guidebook

Your owner’s guidebook is the most convenient way to check for tyre size. All owners’ guidebooks contain detailed tyre specifications and even maintenance tips.

Therefore, you must first check all your vehicle documents. Some cars have an entire handbook dedicated to tyres. These handbooks may indicate your tyres’ width, spatial ratio, and load and speed indexes.

The load index indicates the maximum load-carrying capacity of the car. This index represents the load range between two tyres.

Similarly, the speed index highlights the maximum tyre speed. It tells you how fast your tyres can move in accordance with the car. This value is essential to consider as getting tyres with the wrong speed index will wear them down quicker. It’ll waste your money.

If you’ve lost your owner’s guidebook, you can contact customer support for a new one. However, if that doesn’t work, you can always check your tyre size manually.

Consult Your Old Tyre Specifications

This step involves checking your old tyre’s sidewalls for the correct specifications. All tyres have markings on their sides, which indicate certain measurements. For instance, the tyre width, sidewall distance ratio, and diameter are always mentioned on the sidewalls.

However, depending on the company, make, and model, the measurements may appear as letters, numerical values, or symbols. You will need either your owner’s guide or a professional to help you decipher the symbols.

As mentioned above, if you’ve lost your owner’s guide, you can simply contact the company’s customer support.

Overall, checking your old tyres doesn’t always give you the correct information. At times, if your tyres are very old, the sidewall has significant wear and tear. As such, the values may fade or not be as visible. In such cases, you have to visit your manufacturer.

Match Your New Tyres to Your Car

If you’ve found a potentially compatible tyre for your car, you must match it. Here, the mode of purchase becomes important. Are you purchasing tyres online? Or, are you physically visiting a tyre shop?

In the first case, if you’re unsure of the match, you can ask the shop about their return/exchange policy. Most tyre shops allow you to order your tyres and return them in case they don’t match.

However, it’s better to visit shops in-person. That will allow you to see whether the tyres match your car’s specifications or not.


If you stick to the specifications outlined by your manufacturer, you can easily buy the right-sized tyres. If you’re interested in tyres for sale in Ajman, visit reliable tyre shops like Arabian Tyres.


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