How to Select a Kitchen Layout

A kitchen’s layout will make or break your kitchen design. Sometimes you need to work with the kitchens Dubai homes have in place already. Other times, you can redesign how a kitchen looks.

The first thing you need to look at in a kitchen design or renovation is where everything will go and figure out the layout. Here’s how you do that:

Start with the Sink

Sinks need to be the top priority in a kitchen layout. Figure out where you will place the sink first, then move on to the other zones and fixtures in your layout design.

Make sure to measure out adequate spaces between your sink and your other appliances and fixtures. The floor and walls around the sink should be water-resistant, and the sink itself should be durable.

Your sink could either be on an island or built into a wall, either way it should work as a functional and conveniently located space for your everyday tasks.

Think of Storage

Kitchens are for cooking, but before cooking comes the groceries. The thing is: groceries need storage. So a kitchen layout needs to figure out how to create enough storage spaces for all the dinnerware, pots and pans, and groceries kitchens usually have.

Most layouts have vertical storage options with either open-face shelves or closed cabinets. Kitchens can also have cutlery drawers or pantries for extra storage options.

You can add as much storage space as you like, even with additional features like baskets and storage containers. However, the storage solution starts with design.

Triangulate Spaces

There are three key zones in the kitchen defined by the placement of the stove or oven, the fridge, and the sink. All of these should be placed in a triangular pattern so you can move between them easily while cooking and cleaning.

You would actually need to think about opening up spaces to make sure you can move around and have easy access to shelves and islands, as well. However, it is the triangle of the stove, fridge, and sink that matters most.

Your stove should always be against a wall and should have adequate ventilation. Your fridge should not have any fixtures or obstructions in front of it and your sink should ideally be accessible from the path to the fridge or stove.

Make Your Space Functional

Cooking, cleaning, and meal prep take a lot of time. Where are you going to do all of this? You need to think of installing kitchen islands as your work stations to get your work done faster and more efficiently.

However, functionality in a kitchen should be about more than work. Your kitchen needs to be a livable space and a kitchen island or a dining table could be added where you can eat and socialize with loved ones and friends.

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