Three Common White Balance Mistakes

Photography is a craft, you could have the best Nikon camera UAE has to offer and you could still end up with bad photographs. This is because you’re concentrating on the tool and not the technique.

One of the photography techniques you need to master is white balance. White balance refers to the process of correcting a photograph’s color in terms of color intensity, color correction, and color contrast.

You need to use white balance settings in your camera to get a photograph right. If a photograph doesn’t go, here are three things that might be going wrong with your white balance.

You Rely on Automatic White Balance

Automatic settings for white balance are in every camera. They adjust your white balance for you according to the different lights in the frame. You can use the setting for your convenience but over relying on the setting can cause issues at times.

A photograph of a scene at dawn will be difficult to take with automatic white balance because the automatic settings will only accommodate certain color ranges and lights. To get more depth, you need to fix the settings manually.

Your cameras, as machines, are great at automated functions but they’re still just cameras. You can judge the light and color balance needs better.

You Have the Wrong Preset

Most cameras have preset setting options for white balance. These can be suited for different environments and differently-lit environments. However, you always need to make sure you have the right preset option set for the right environment.

Here’s a quick guide to common preset options:

  • Daylight: A good option for brightly-lit or sunlit environments.  
  • Shade: An option for a dimly-lit environment or a shady area. 
  • Tungsten: An option for incandescent lighting or golden light.
  • Fluorescent: An option for a photograph under fluorescent or white lighting.

If you use any of these presets for the wrong environment, your photograph will come out wrong. Shade presets cannot be used in sunlight, for instance.

Your Manual Settings are All Wrong

Sometimes, photographers try to set their white balance settings themselves and forgo the presets. For this, you really need to make sure you got the manual settings right and you need to look up how to handle natural light, warm lights, and cool lights.

The camera’s manual settings need to accommodate the color tonality, temperature, and intensity of the scene the camera will capture. You can adjust the manual settings to the right color temperature with a few tweaks.

You just need to know the color temperature that goes with certain lighting. A white light has a color temperature of 4500 while an incandescent light has one of 2700.

For shade or dimly-lit rooms, you need a color temperature of 8000. Cloudy skies need temperatures of 6500 while bright skies can need even 10,000.

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