What are the Key SEO Do’s and Don’ts for Website Optimization?

If you have an online brand or digital presence of any sort, like a website, you must know SEO and its value in the digital world. SEO is used to improve ranking on search engines to be easily found for the purpose they are selling or doing. While SEO is a part of digital marketing, we are also the leading Digital marketing agency Dubai. We have an expert team working with different businesses to improve their website growth to generate more sales and conversions. Here we have enlisted all the critical SEO do’s and don’ts that you will need to focus on increasing your website optimization and creating a meaningful user impact. 

First, the Do’s

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Measure Performance

Once you have developed and designed your website, you need to optimize it using keywords. Be sure which keywords you want to target, and many keyword researchers can help you find the right keywords that can help you get a high rank. After the optimization, you have to use analytics to watch the performance. 


If you are using the right keywords, but the content around it is not worth value, there will be no success. Remember that it should be specific and fluff-free, and the keywords you can use are long-tailed and have different variations of the same keyword and related keywords. 

External and Internal Links

Links are valuable but only when they deliver quality. If you use a lot of links, they will spam the content. However, the essential links for home, web pages, and external authoritative pages will help in improving SEO. In the case of internal linking, link the primary and specific keywords that you are targeting. 

Optimize Visual Content with Alt Text

Along with optimizing the text content, optimizing the pictures on the page is also essential. Engine crawlers can see the alt texts, so add them to enhance the visibility. 

Now, the Don’ts

Overlooking User Search Intent

It is important to target keywords and write how crawler likes, but we write for humans first, then for the search engines. There are three main types of intent: informational, commercial, and navigational. 

Copying The Content

SEO always likes original content and flag the copied content. The content can be from any external website or internal.

Overstuffing Keywords

Using the keywords with the accurate density percentage will only help. But if the keywords are used more than required, the engine will mark the content spammed, lowering the ranking and affecting user experience. To improve your website SEO, you can also take help from SEO company Dubai by following the mentioned do’s and don’ts.